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Marissa and justin

are getting married!


Secrets Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Saturday, September 19th 2020


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Names Dates
Marissa Eugene and Justin Huntley September 17th - 21st
Regina & Jimmie Huntley September 17th - 21st
Aungenae Davenport September 17th - 20th
LaChelle Evans & Lowuan Woods September 17th - 20th
Phyllis & Melvin Eugene September 17th - 21st
Rozalyn Smith September 17th - 20th
Phyllis Joyner-Robinson & Raymond Robinson Jr September 17th - 21st
Herschel Manier September 18th - 20th
Milan Eugene September 17th - 21st
Jerick & Shaylan White September 16th - 20th
Bernita Nikco Moore September 17th - 20th
Ross Huntley & Kealia Caldwell September 17th - 20th
Sandra McCallister and Mattie Huntley September 18th - 21st
Meredith P. Titus and Meredith C. Titus September 17th - 20th
Kenitha Gilliam September 17th - 21st
Alisa & Henry Sykes September 17th - 21st
Mary Jo Crow & Maurice Jackson September 17th - 21st
Myles Eugene September 17th - 21st
Marcus & Kristin Davis September 17th - 20th
Deidre White September 17th - 20th
Susie & Myron Harrison September 17th - 21st
Latya Divers September 17th - 20th
Everetta Edwards & Carl Evans September 17th - 21st
Alexander Mcgrew September 17th - 21st
Salima Hamilton September 17th - 21st
Ralonda Batson September 17th - 20th
Sanya Glasco September 17th - 20th
Demetria & David Heath September 17th - 21st
Alana Heath September 18th - 21st
Jeffrey & Cheryl Williams September 17th - 21st
Duane, Valerie and Paige Gamble September 17th - 21st
Tonya Edwards and Bennie Edwards September 17th - 21st
Rachel Ward September 16th - 21st
Kelli & Brian Huntley September 18th - 21st
Rob Guy September 17th - 20th
Gail & Lawrence Stanberry September 17th - 21st
Darryl Temple & Susie WEathers-Bobbett September 18th - 21st
Keith Young September 15th - 21st
Bobbie Ayears September 18th - 21st

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Room requests made directly to hotel management with special handling
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