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Briani & James




Secrets Cap Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Saturday, August 17th, 2019



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 Names    Dates
 Briani Hernandez & James DeVaughn            
 August 14th - August 19th
 Laketa & Eric Jones  August 15th - August 18th
 Pat Dunn & Curtis Washington  August 14th - August 21st
 Hazel & Curtina Washington  August 15th - August 18th
 Ebony Barrett & Ericka Dudley  August 15th - August 18th
 Tarena Franklin & James Thomas  August 15th - August 18th
 Javon & Kenya Collins  August 16th - August 19th
 Amir & Corey Franklin  August 15th - August 18th
 Ashley Childs & Najah Anwar  August 15th - August 18th
 Staci Chew & Susanne Slivensky  August 15th - August 18th
 Phillina Rushing & Tiffany Wynn  August 15th - August 18th
 Robert Hollimon  August 16th - August 19th

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  • Room requests made directly to hotel management with special handling
  • Personal assistance with issues that may arise before, during or after your trip