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What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is when you have a wedding away from home. Usually, they are held in beautiful places where a group (large or small) of loved ones comes along for several days of celebration and togetherness.

What are the advantages of having a destination wedding?

There are several advantages, actually. For one thing, the beautiful surroundings are great for photographs that you'll cherish your whole life. Also, rather than being caught in a maelstrom of errands and traffic jams in the days immediately surrounding your big day, you'll be relaxing at a beautiful resort in the company of loved ones. No one has to go do anything, no one has to worry about who is going to host what meal. No one (including you) has to worry about anything.

How far in advance should I plan?

Packages including air can be booked about 11 months out. That's usually a pretty good time to really start planning. We've planned weddings much closer in than that, and much farther out as well.

Where is the best place to have a destination wedding?

There is a different perfect place for every bride. Our consultants are very familiar with the resorts and are experts in asking the right questions and pairing you with the perfect place for you.

Who pays for what?

In most weddings, each person pays their own expenses. Occasionally, we have a situation where a generous benefactor (usually the parents of the bride or groom) will either subsidize or pay in full for some important guests who might not otherwise be able to attend.

You shouldn't feel obligated though. If you were having a local wedding, each guest would be responsible for their travel to your city and the same is true with a destination wedding.

Are destination weddings more affordable than local weddings?

Typically, yes. Making a big splash is more affordable with a destination wedding than with a local wedding. Of course, the sky is the limit as far as how much money it is possible to spend no matter where you decide to get married.

What about our relatives who are unable to travel? How can they be a part of our celebration?

You have several options. For one thing, some resorts offer a webcam service where they can broadcast your ceremony online live. People who couldn't travel can logon and watch the festivities. Another option is to have another party at home after returning as husband and wife. Finally, a wonderful videographer can help everyone re-live your special day via video recording.

Who is the perfect destination wedding bride

The perfect destination wedding bride is someone who is comfortable allowing others to bring all of the details together for her wedding. The perfect bride wants a laid back relaxing wedding experience.

What will it cost my guests to attend my destination wedding?

Brides want to be sensitive to the costs incurred by their guests. During most consultations, we look at the cost of a typical guest stay right along with the cost for the bride and groom. Of course guests have a certain amount of control over what they spend. Some elect to use frequent flyer miles, some stay in a more expensive or less expensive room type within the resort. Guests can also stay a longer or shorter period of time based on how much they are comfortable spending.

Should I use the resort photographer or bring one from home?

There are advantages to both.

The resort photographer will usually be much more affordable. Also, the resort photographer is familiar with the lighting and the angles at that particular resort. They know the special pictures that someone not familiar with the resort would have no way to know.

If you bring a photographer from home, you can already know their style of photography. Also, when a photographer travels with you, they can capture more than just the ceremony. Negotiate in advance how much of the weekend the photographer is expected to be "on duty" so that there are no misunderstandings.

Why should my guests work with you instead of just booking themselves online?

We have negotiated a wedding discount for your guests. The only way the guests get this discount is to book with us. Also, there may be room night requirements for your wedding package and only guests booked through us count toward this requirement.

Your wedding may be the first big trip that some members of your family take. Rather than having to be on the hook to answer one million questions, why not have us be a part of your team that can take that off your shoulders.

Additionally, you want to be sure that all of your guests are booked to the right resort on the right dates and that everything goes smoothly. If everyone books on their own, no one has a central person to go to with questions or problems.

Finally, we interface with the resort to make sure that they know which guests are a part of your wedding. We communicate requests and generally do everything possible to assure a great weekend for everyone.

What's the average size of a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are generally smaller than local weddings. An average sized destination wedding is about 20-30 guests. Some are much larger, some are much smaller.

The smaller size of a destination wedding allows you to really enjoy your time with your guests.

What are things not typically included in a resort wedding package of which I should be aware

Weekend surcharges, sunset ceremony surcharges, outside vendor fees, minister fees, guest day passes (for guests not staying at your resort)

If we're having our wedding at an All Inclusive resort, why would we have to pay for a private dinner or reception?

There is additional cost for private events at All Inclusive resorts because of the additional staff that must be on duty to attend to your group.  The cost is not nearly what it would be at a non inclusive resort.