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Having your destination wedding in Mexico is one of the smartest choices you can make.  Mexico is a beautiful destination, with more luxury resorts than all of the rest of the Caribbean and all of Hawaii combined.  

Mexico is much easier to get to than most other destinations.  Many gateways have nonstop flights and affordable airfares compared with other beach resorts.

Your guests will be welcomed with warm hospitality and will enjoy luxurious accommodations in beautiful surroundings.

Marriage Requirements are easier in Mexico than in many places.  Your particular requirements will vary based on your city and resort.  Generally speaking, you are required to arrive two to four days prior to your ceremony (confirm the exact requirements with your wedding coordinator), You'll need to bring your Drivers license and passport, along with a few other pieces of documentation, and you'll be good to go!

Getting married in Mexico gives you many choices of resort and budget.  Whether you're looking for a big city, for colonial surroundings, for natural beauty or for a pristine beach, Mexico has what you need for a beautiful destination wedding.

Thank you so much! Audrey has been awesome to work with. I am so excited about my wedding and am thankful for all of Audrey’s help. - Lindsey O

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We just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help in the process of helping us plan for our wedding and honeymoon. Even through the changes you continued to serve us with great service. We appreciate that and truly had a fabulous wedding and honeymoon! We wanted share some of our memories. Thanks again! - Tasha M

It’s such a pleasure to be working with your company and especially Miss Hannah Cote. She has been so helpful and pleasant to work with since the very first point of contact. I was a frazzled bride trying to organize something I’ve never done before, but when Hannah took the reins and guided my fiancé and I, we immediately relaxed and started to get so excited about our wedding. My friends and family that have called to get information about the wedding have only great things to say as well. I couldn’t be more pleased at this time. My fiancé and I couldn’t have made a better decision about choosing to book our travel with you. Please keep up the good work! - Elizabeth K

This has been a great experience so far with your company. Jessica has gone above and beyond to help make planning easier. I appreciate all of your help and kind words. - Brianna W.

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