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Groom: Ben
Groom: Justin
Resort: Secrets Silversands
Photographer: Resort Photographer
Travel Consultant:  Terrah
Terrah, where to begin? The service was BEYOND excellent and everyone was so nice to us. Even though this was their first gay wedding, you would have thought they do it every day.  The food wad excellent and I like that they have dress codes every night. The concierge was willing to go beyond for us and have whatever place we chose that night have a vegetarian menu.  The wedding coordinator Lizzette was awesome and she was so freaking nice.  She made sure our day and trip was perfect.  I can't thank you enough for suggesting this place and we plan to return next year.  Everything was so modern and beautiful and I'm going to recommend this place to every couple I know.  So, if you can't tell we loved it.  Also the photographer was the best and I know we would be besties if we lived there :-)
We can't thank you enough that was our total dream wedding down to every detail!