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Bride: Kaleia Groom: Blake Resort: Secrets the Vine Agent: Hannah

This wedding was not defined by the fluffy White Clouds that framed

this couple's I Do's, but by the beautiful couple that shared them!


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1. What made you decide on having a destination wedding?  There were several factors. For one, the cost of a destination wedding is much cheaper than a traditional wedding in Dallas. For us, it was important to not spend too much on a wedding. Secondly, stress. I am not a very creative person and the thought of having to plan a wedding stressed me out. I knew that with a destination wedding a lot of the details would be taken care of by the hotel and wedding coordinator. Third, we wanted it to be fun and we normally have the most fun when we are away from home on a beach somewhere!! 2. What made you decide on the destination/resort/venue? We choose Cancun because our first vacation together was in Cancun and we had the best time. We also knew that it would be a short flight for most of our guests and more people would most likely come if it wasn’t too far. We chose Secrets the Vine as a recommendation from Hannah. I had already done some research and the resort was in our top 5, but Hannah sold us on Secrets the Vine after our initial call and it was the best decision ever!! 3. What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding? Honestly, the biggest difficult was choosing the flowers for the ceremony and bouquets. For some reason, not being able to see them in person and know that the ones I choose from the photos provided were going to be the actual ones on the day of the wedding was stressful. In hindsight, it was useless stress since everything turned out perfect.
  1. What was the highlight of the experience and what was the biggest surprise?
The highlight of the experience was having all our closest friends and family together on vacation. Everyone had the best time and it was wonderful to get to go on vacation with everyone you are closest too. The biggest surprise was how great our photos and video came out. I cannot say enough good things about Adventure Photos (Diego was our photographer and did a fantastic job) and Oscar Videos. The quality of the photos and video is amazing and we wound up purchasing additional photos. 5. How well was the resort and your Onsite Wedding Coordinator to work with? The wedding was my fifth trip to Cancun and my first trip staying at Secrets the Vine. It is hands down the best all-inclusive Blake and I have ever stayed at and all our guests said the same. The service was above par, the food was much better than at the other resorts I had stayed at and the drinks were top shelf. I will definitely be going back. Our wedding coordinator was fabulous. Everything went exactly as planned and it was all due to her. I hear a lot of complaints about the lag time between sending an email and getting one back when planning a destination wedding, but it did not bother me. Yamina always responded within a week. To me, that is timely. 6.  If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her? Do not stress. Everything will work out.   Enjoy every minute of the planning, the wedding, and the vacation because it goes by quickly. 7. Was there anything that you would change looking back? Not really. If I could change anything I would stay longer.

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