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Bride and Groom: Kristina and Ian
Resort/ Venue: THE ROYAL Cancun
Date: May 2nd of 2009
Photographer: Funever Photos
Travel Agent: Terrah Rominger

~ Bride Interview ~

What made you decide on having a destination wedding?We both love the beach and wanted to be near it for our special day.

What made you decide on the resort/venue?
We had no idea what to expect from the resort. We were nervous because we've stayed at some not-so-nice resorts in Cancun before. Terrah made the recommendation and promised we would not be disappointed- and she was right. The resort was amazing!

Who was your photographer, and if you had one, your videographer?
We didn't have a videographer, but we did hire Funever Photos and our photographer was Arturo. He was so nice and worth every penny. He had great ideas for poses and our wedding album is really nice.

What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding?Trusting that everything will be taken care of when you get there. As a bride, you want everything to be perfect and most of the time you're going off of pictures to choose how you want everything set up.

What was the highlight of the experience?
It's hard to narrow it down to one but I'd have to say the highlight of the experience for me was the dinner we had at the resort after the wedding. The food was great and the restaurant gave us a private room. We all had blast just talking about the weekend.

Biggest surprise?I think we were most surprised with how beautiful the gazebo was and how close it came to the beach. It created the perfect venue for our wedding day.

If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her?
Consider a small guest list. It's easier to keep up with everyone when they're staying at the same resort as you and it's less stress for the bride. Half of our guest list canceled their trip two days before our wedding because of the swine flu scare but it ended up working out for the best. The weekend flew by stress-free and we were able to spend quality time with all of our friends and family that attended.

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