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Bride & Groom: Michelle and Steve
Wedding Location: El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya
Photographer: LaShawna Sears
Travel Consultant:  Hannah
Steve and I continuously referred to our vacation as "paradise." From the resort and its friendly staff, always greeting us with a smile, to the natural beauty surrounding us...we could not have been happier with our experience. The wedding coordinators were attentive to our needs being met for the ceremony, which was simply beautiful.
The minister was very kind (a bit "scripted" feeling, but I am sure when you do as many as they do, that is inevitable). The only thing I think I would have done differently is exchange personal vows. The location was beautiful. The sun set on the "other side" so we didn't get to enjoy pictures with the sun at our chosen location, but it was gorgeous, none the less! The ocean and white sandy beach was perfect for the pictures we took and provided a romantic setting for stolen moments Steve and I will cherish always.
While at the resort...
We felt carefree and separated from reality, as we indulged in pool side entertainment and visited with other guests, who'd come from all over the world. We lazily sunbathed, napped in hammocks, took moonlit walks along the beach while others slept, and simply enjoyed being together. We are grateful for the help that you gave us, Hannah, in arranging such a wonderful vacation and would highly recommend that your clients stay at the Eldorado Royale during their visit to the Riviera Maya! We will most definitely being going back!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!
You are both amazing people and a great couple, and I wish you the utmost happiness in your new life together~!
Hannah Cotè