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Bride: Porsha
Groom: Jamal
Resort: Couples Tower Isle
What made you decide on having a destination wedding?
Of course: PRICE! It was the most cost effective thing I have EVER done! I didn't want to spend my entire life savings on my wedding. So doing it this way was the most cost effective way for my groom and I and we also wanted a ceremony that was personal and intimate and that's exactly what we got! This way turned out to be way more beautiful and special then anything i could have put together myself here in the States.
What made you decide on the destination/resort/venue?
This was my first time traveling out of the country so I had no clue how to plan for the trip let alone plan a wedding out of the country so I knew I had to go through a travel agency for help. I choose Jamaica because I knew I would have an experience that I have never had before. I got really lucky with the agent I worked with at Legacy because she knew Jamaica first hand, she had visit several resorts there herself. So based off of her HONEST opinion and personal experiences is how we choose the resort that we stayed at. Everything that she said about the resort was true and right on point!
What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding?
Not knowing what to expect until I got there! Unlike a traditional wedding, you don't get to plan much of what happens on that day. 48 hours before you sit with a consultant and pick the style of your wedding from a bunch of catalog books...Sounds scary right? Well it wasn't, I actually worried all those months for nothing. this was probably the best part of the wedding (besides getting married!). It was stress free and all of the suggestions were so beautiful making it difficult to choose!
What was the highlight of the experience and what was the biggest surprise?
The highlight was how personal they allowed me to make my ceremony and how personal the pastor got with my husband before the ceremony and that made our connection with him more intimate.  Because the wedding coordinator took the time to get to know me and she was so attentive to my likes and needs that too made my ceremony feel as if it was mine and not a wedding from a catalog! That was the surprise for me, I wasn't expecting such a great amount of attention without me having to demand it!
How well was the resort and your On site Wedding Coordinator to work with?
The resort was amazing! The staff was incredibly nice and fun! We made so many friends with the staff and other couples. There were not as many people as I was expecting at the resort and I'm sure is was because of the off season but it was just enough people for us! And the locals are even cool they can be a little pushy but still respectful! And my wedding coordinator was the BEST! Very hands on!
If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her?
RELAX, Have Fun, don't worry about anything! To just go with the expectation of having a good time, and don't put to much energy into your hair because the humidity will just ruin it!
Was there anything that you would change looking back?
Honestly, No!  2 weeks prior to going to Jamaica I had been checking the weather and in the forecast was rain Friday-Sunday. Saturday was our wedding day. For 6 days and 5 nights we saw no rain! The weather was breath taking that Saturday morning and not a single rain cloud was in the sky. So because of that alone I can not complain about anything it was honestly a perfect wedding day and overall vacation!