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Bride: Sarah

Groom: Christopher

Resort: Now Onyx

Travel Advisor: Alyssa

  My husband (love saying that now) and I had our DREAM wedding in Punta Cana on May 7th, 2018. I always knew I wanted to have a destination wedding. Just the though of having our toes in the sand, a beautiful beach setting around us and a sunset during our reception was too perfect to pass up. As all of this sounded great in my head, when it came to planning it… I got extremely overwhelmed immediately. I guess I should start with the fact that I am a planner, I love planning parties and I do it with stride. The fact that I got stressed out immediately trying to narrow down a location, date, venue and pricing made me want to give up and just have it in Dallas. I felt like I would have more control. Venting these frustrations to a random stranger at my daughters school, she recommended me to Legacy Travel. Contacting Alyssa changed my life overnight.      She recommended many different resorts, contacted the resorts for available dates, sent me wedding packages, pricing and more. Once I was able to narrow things down, which took me about a week, I felt 100% better about the entire process. The main issue I was having with resorts is A. they don’t respond B. they want a ton of information from you before answering any questions C. You cannot talk to a coordinator until you lock in a date and deposit. Alyssa took care of A, B, and C for me. When I locked down the resort after reviewing my options, she then introduced me to our Wedding Coordinator, Manuela, at Now Onyx Punta Cana. The process was smooth sailing from there.     After choosing a “package” she then sent me a 90+ page PDF of options for the wedding. This included table linens, chairs, centerpieces, decorations, charger plates, flowers, cakes, gazebo options, etc. Ladies, please note that planning a destination wedding isn’t a year long process, I learned this quickly. It is 100x easier so you do not start planning until 2 months prior. I locked down our date about 8 months out, reviewed the PDF catalog for about a month or so and sent Manuela my “tentative” options to get a budget together. Once I had my budget, I reviewed that catalog for the next 4 months until we started finalizing the plans 6-8 weeks before the wedding. The greatest thing about this, was I didn’t stress about a wedding for 8 months. During the months I wasn’t planning, I was gathering information from Alyssa on pricing for my guests and got all of that sent out immediately to get everyone the best price possible. About 80% of our 52 person wedding guest list went through Legacy, the others used their points.     Why did I choose Now Onyx? A few reasons… I have an 8 year old so I needed the resort to be family friendly but I didn’t want 100 children running around everywhere as most of my guests do not have children. I wanted a nice resort (this is one of the newest properties in Punta Cana) but I needed it to be reasonably priced for our guests. Now Onyx offered it all. They were affordable and had everything I was looking for including an adults only sister property next door, Breathless. Guests were able to resort hop and enjoy pool parties next door. Most of us spent our time at Breathless. However, NowOnyx is a nicer resort as its much newer.      I guess I should talk about the wedding now. :) The wedding was PERFECT. You will see pictures attached to this blog. Everything was beautiful, the weather, the set up and the service. I knew it would be gorgeous but I didn’t expect it to look as amazing as it did. My husband and I were so pleased with everything. I did change a few things on the menu as I didn’t want your typical steak, mash potatoes, and green bean dinner. We did a pizza bar. This included 5 different types of pizza, pasta salad, a salad bar, wings, fruit and more.       Our wedding was completely magical. We spent an entire week with our closest friends and family which was so special to us. Everyone had such a great time. Writing this blog has me tearing up because Now Onyx went above and beyond for everyone. We are extremely thankful. Recommendations: The day after the wedding we took everyone out on a 3 hour long party boat to go snorkeling and to a sand bar where other boats doc and party. We had unlimited alcohol, sandwiches, and a DJ! I highly recommend this if you have it in your budget. I am pretty sure this was everyone's favorite part of the trip. We were thanked a million times for adding this in.  The company we used was La Barcaza Even Boat: https://www.facebook.com/LaBarcazaEventBoat    

Budget: 12k

Guests: 52

Upgrades: We upgraded every possible thing you can think of!

Only regret: Not making everyone go home 2 days after the wedding. We had zero alone time.