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Bride: Reagan Snowden Groom: Gregory Ozaeta

Photographer: Feather & Twine Resort: El Dorado Royale Agent: Terrah

snowden ozaeta wedding profile

What made you decide on having a destination wedding?

We both love to travel! We wanted a small celebration with the people we love the most.

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What made you decide on this resort?

After speaking with Terrah on different locations, she suggested the El Dorado Royale. I had been and so had several of our guests. We decided after looking over it and ensuring our date was available to go with it!

Who was your photographer, and if you had one, your videographer?

We had the best photographers! Feather and Twine based in Dallas. They did both video and photography for us! I would highly recommend bringing someone who will photograph exactly what you are envisioning. We could not have been happier with our decision. Definitely worth the expense.

snowden ozaeta

What was the highlight of the experience?

Our wedding brought together our most favorite people. We were able to share our happiness beyond the wedding day.

Biggest surprise?

How large the resort was! We knew it was big... but really didn't know how big it was!

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If your best friend were planning a destination wedding, what would your advice be to her?

Plan, plan, plan! We wouldn't change a thing. We went with our intuition for everything, even some things that we were told were not highly recommended. They came through wonderfully. Go with it, you're in paradise. Enjoy every minute!

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