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Kellie & Brett's Gran Caribe Wedding


Bride: Kellie Barnes Groom: Brett Johnson Resort: Gran Caribe Real Agent: Nicki

Barnes Johnson beachkiss

Our Story
I have always wanted a destination wedding so when I met Brett and we became pretty serious I made sure he knew that's what I wanted and there would be no way around it :-) We went to the Gran Caribe Real Cancun resort in August 2012 just for a vacation and we absolutely loved it!  I decided that's where our wedding would be even though he had not even proposed yet ;-) Just a year later we were planning a wedding!  Brett proposed on a Sunday and I started to look for travel agencies right away!  It was so simple since we already knew the resort.  I searched through the Real Resort/Royal Weddings and Nicki's name with Legacy Travel popped up!  She called me right away after I sent an email and we booked our trip a day later! 
Using Nicki/Legacy Travel was so quick and easy!  Having Nicki took a lot of pressure off of me!  All of the guests that booked through Legacy Travel thought Nicki was so nice and very helpful. She answered a lot of questions that thankfully I didn't have to deal with. 
Working with Alejandra, our online wedding consultant was great!  She was very thorough and answered all my millions of questions in a promptly manner.  I thought it would be kind of hard to choose everything just by looking at online catalogs but it wasn't!  It was actually pretty nice. 
Barnes Johnson Ceremony
When we arrived at the resort we were truly pampered!  We felt like royalty :-)  Our room was upgraded, Brett and I received upgraded wristbands that gave us access to the adult resort next door, and they pampered us giving us champagne, chocolates, roses and pretty bouquets in our room. It was amazing! 
Our onsite wedding coordinator, Diana, was fabulous!  Our welcome/rehearsal dinner on the beach was amazing and beautiful and the food was so delicious, our ceremony was truly amazing, our cocktail hour was so lovely with the Mexican trio and yummy appetizers, and our reception was fabulous and so much fun! The presentation of all the meals was amazing and the decorations that I didn't have to plan or worry about were so beautiful (not to mention the gorgeous and breathtaking ocean background)!  These resorts truly know what they're doing and know how to put on amazingly, beautiful events!
Barnes Johnson vows
Some words of advice... don't let your fiance go in the ocean before your wedding or he may break his foot (Yes, Brett did but it was a minor fracture and he was able to walk down the aisle and dance our first dance.).  If you use a photographer in Mexico, have some ideas on what kinds of pictures you want because you're kind of crazy and really hot when taking them that you don't think about ones you would like and might miss out on some good poses.  Ladies, let's face it...it's hot and humid for most destination beach weddings (especially in Mexico) make sure you have multiple hair-dos picked out just in case you realize last minute that you need an all up-do! It's very windy on the beach too so that's another hair spoiler and if you wear a veil it will get in your face a lot! One last thing, for our wedding party we had silk bouquets and boutonnieres made on Etsy and they were awesome!  The flowers lasted and surprisingly were really easy to transport. Now, we get to use them again our local reception.
 Barnes Johnson cake
Having a destination wedding was truly the best ever! We were so relaxed and there were no worries pretty much the entire time! All of our guests truly enjoyed themselves and thought our wedding was the most beautiful and amazing wedding they've ever been to. 
Thank you Legacy Travel for helping make our destination wedding and vacation so special!
Kellie & Brett Johnson
Barnes Johnson group