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Tips and Tricks

Individual Reservations vs Room Blocks

Some couples ask us about doing a group contract with the resort.  There are pros and cons to doing a group contract vs each person doing an individual vacation. 

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Where your guests book matters.

Part of making sure everything goes smoothly for you and your guests is letting you know why it is important that your guests book their trip to your wedding with us.

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Make it Easy For Your Guests

You've decided to book a destination wedding, but you are afraid that you'll walk down the aisle past a lot of empty chairs.  It's always been your dream to get married on a beautiful beach, but how can you make sure that as many of your friends and family attend as possible? 

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We've Chosen the Resort for our Destination Wedding.  What Now?

You've decided to have a destination wedding.  You've carefully chosen the resort with the help of your destination wedding consultant.  You've got your eyes set on your special day, several months in the future.

What now?

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