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Individual Reservations vs Room Blocks

Some couples ask us about doing a group contract with the resort.  There are pros and cons to doing a group contract vs each person doing an individual vacation. 


The main advantage to doing a group contract is that it assures a certain number of rooms and that each person will pay the same rate.  Blocking group space doesn't typically save money, but there are exceptions to that.  Occasionally there will be a short term promotion that makes it more advantageous to block group space.  Blocking group space also typically requires that all of your guests begin and end their stay on the same dates.  We've found that most guests prefer to choose their own dates.  Some of them will want to stay longer, some will want to just be there for the big day.

Also, in a group contract there are various penalties for underutilization of the rooms which can impact your guests financially if you're not very very careful.

Blocking group space also requires a rather substantial deposit quickly after blocking the rooms.  Most couples find that guests don't typically book the year or so out that the couples themselves book.  So, this usually  means that the couple must come up with that initial deposit.

With individual reservations we are usually able to get a discount in place for just your wedding guests.  This way, each person chooses their own dates, the finances are completely separate, and we can do the very best job possible for each guest.