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Your wedding has been at the front of your mind for a while now.  It will continue to be front and center for you until you return home from the day of your dreams.  (Probably after that, too.)


What can you expect from the wedding consultant at the resort and from your destination wedding agent at Legacy Travel?


Assuming you've already made deposit on your own booking as well as to secure your wedding date at the resort, the next order of business will be to put together a spreadsheet with your guest list.  (While you're doing this, we will publish your wedding website where we will list the information about your resort as well as your guests as they book.) We need the spreadsheet of addresses so we can go ahead and make the beautiful trifold brochure that we will send to your guests.  Once we have it on file (along with the picture of your choice) we will send it to our designer.


When we get it back, we will send it to you for your approval.  What we need you to double check are the spelling of your names, the name of the resort as well as the day and date of your ceremony.  Once we have your approval, we upload it to the printer.  Once it's printed, we mail it to everyone on your spreadsheet.


Tri-fold printing may take 2 to 4 weeks after receipt of addresses.  We can print extras if you let us know when you provide the addresses.


As far as the decisions that have to do with your actual ceremony at the resort, the timeline will vary somewhat.  One thing to keep in mind is that your wedding coordinator (if they are on site as opposed to a wedding department at the reservation center) is that they are attending to brides that are on property at the moment.  Just like you will want her undivided attention while you are there, she is giving that same level of attention to the bride whose day is today.


Some resorts will require final payment on the ceremony anywhere from 30 to 90 days prior to arrival, whereas some will require the final payment upon arrival.  Please verify with your coordinator the specific details.


If you are not satisfied with your initial choice of ceremony location, some resorts will allow a venue change upon arrival.  We also deal with a few resorts that the ceremony location will be chosen after arriving.  Time and date are chosen ahead of time, and confirmed.


Many resorts have online resources where you can look at the various choices for flowers, cakes, chair drapes, table settings, photo packages, etc.  You can start to look at what is available so that you'll be familiar with the choices so that you'll know what you want when it comes time to choose.


You should also be taking a careful look at the various packages offered by your resort.  Consider the number of guests you'll be expecting and the amenities that you'll want for your ceremony and / or reception.  Most packages can be customized.  Usually you can add things to them.  On many of the packages, especially the least expensive ones, you can not make substitutions to items in the package.


If you have chosen an all inclusive resort please note that while you are staying there all of your food, drinks (alcohol), snacks, etc. are included, but this does not include a private reception dinner. Your reception will require setting up things such as tables, chairs, and a dance floor (and you will probably want all of this to be decorated after it has been setup). Then there will be the take down and clean up after the party is over. Oh, and you will need staffing during your events. So there is a charge for your reception dinner. Ask you Wedding Coordinator about pricing for what you want for your reception. Some things to think about: How many courses do you want to have for your dinner? Do you want to have a cocktail hour before your dinner? What kind of extras do you want (i.e. light up dance floor, fireworks, etc)?


Also, if you want your reception to go late into the night you may want to book the ballroom (if available). If you want to have a poolside or beachfront reception most resorts will have a time at which your reception will need to be over by as to not disturb other guests staying at the resort.


Send an email to the wedding coordinator at your resort and ask her what the timeframe is at your resort for making the various decision involved in planning your wedding.


Your resort wedding coordinator is your go to person for all ceremony / reception related questions.  We are your go to place for all travel related questions.  If your resort wedding coordinator isn't being responsive, let us know and we can intervene and get results for you.  Do keep in mind, though, that she isn't sitting on her email.  She is probably with brides who are currently on site.  While your wedding is all that you are thinking about, the wedding coordinator has scores of brides to consider.


As your day draws near, you will hammer out all of the decisions (many of them won't be finalized until you actually arrive at the resort).


The most important thing to remember is that part of the reason you chose a destination wedding is so that you could escape the insanity of a local wedding.  Just relax and allow the wedding coordinator to guide you through the process.  Enjoy this season of your life where you are the bride.  It goes by so quickly!